Holiday Greetings 2003 from the Barnetts of Looking Glass Brook Drive!

During the past year, Lee kept busy with his research and writing, producing six articles on Michigan history, most published in Michigan History Magazine, and co-authoring a book on the early military forces of our state. The book is named Michigan's Early Military Forces, and it is a roster and history of troops activated prior to the American Civil War. So for you who are looking for last minute gifts, there's an idea...

Lee also kept busy raking the leaves from the Fall of 2002, as the snow fell before they could be gotten off the ground. So well into the Winter months, one could find him, sometimes with the assistance of our friend John, and sometimes with the help of his wife, combing the yard and piling the bounty of the trees wherever he found a spot in our small woods. And vowing that would never happen again!
Lee & John with one of the leaf piles
Spring found us continuing to work around the house and yard. Among our accomplishments in 2003 were placing a foot bridge across the stream between the pond and the river, erecting an arbor by the pond, armoring part of the pond banks with boulders so as to discourage the burrowing actions of muskrats, and installing a fountain in the pond.
Above: bridge and arbor
Below: arbor and fountain
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