Welcome to the Barnett 2004 Holiday Greetings Page!

Once again, the Barnetts of Looking Glass Brook send our Season's Greetings to all our family and friends.

We had a few exciting and interesting events this year, and hope you will enjoy the photos and reminiscences they bring. The first memorable event was the Spring flood: this year, unlike other years, the water was so high that the river and our pond became one. Our once beautiful clear watered pond became a muddy brown with silt carried by the floodwaters.

The photo on the right gives an indication of how high the water was. Our little fisher-girl statue on the river's bank was totally submerged at one point. The only way we knew she was still there was the fishing pole sticking up out of the water. The bottom-right photo was taken after the water had begun to subside a little -- you can see the top of her hat. The top right photo shows our pumphouse, knocked off its mooring and pushed up against the trees, also nearly covered with water.

The following photos will give an indication of how bad it really was!

OK, so we exaggerated a little... It was, however, a lot of water! Lee will tell you that there was also a lot of debris to pick up ater the flood waters had subsided.
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