Our sincere 2005 greetings to all!

As usual, the Barnetts were homebodies this year, seldom venturing beyond the confines of our own yard.

It was, however, the year for renewing old friendships by visiting with friends from many years past. Among our guests were two of Lee's classmates from college from over 30 years ago, and a surprise visit from an old Army buddy Lee had not seen in nearly 45 years. (Are we that old???)

We also had the pleasure of visiting with friends and colleagues of Dot from her days at Nazareth College. Mic and Theresa Zelenka (and their Great Dane) hosted Marija & Piotr Horoszwski from Seattle, Washington and the Barnetts at their home in Fennville, Michigan, this Spring.

What great memories and good times we recalled during all these visits, and only hope that we won't have to wait such a long time before our next rendezvous with our friends.

Professionally, Lee authored a dozen articles and served on the Hall of Honor Committee formed to recognize the Michigan Department of Transportation's centennial. Most of the stories written appeared in various Michigan historical journals which, some wags would say, were apparently desperate for material.

Dot was kept busy weeding the beds and taking care of her 400+ orchids. Besides working part-time at the Porter's Orchids greenhouse, she also did the photography and graphics for Porter's Orchids, and maintained the Porter's Orchids and the Greater Lansing Orchid Society's websites.