Our 2010 greeting is dedicated to two people who left us this year: Lee's Dad and Dot's Sister. We have attached PDF files with photos. In Lee Dunston Barnett's case, they are photos from the celebration of his life we held this Spring plus some photos of earlier years and family. In the case of Patricia McKenzie, they are photos of her childhood, family and celebration of her life. We miss them both.

This has been a construction year for us. In late April, we hired a "Ditch Witch" to drill an underground tunnel from the pond to the house. In this tunnel were placed two water lines: one running from the pond to the house, bringing up pond water for watering Dot's orchids. The other brings well water from the house down to the pond.
As you can see by the photo in the header, we purchased a little "Dingy" so we can get out on the pond to help us maintain it. It's been useful for skimming weeds off the surface of the pond, for placing the new aerator, and for cleaning off the duck and goose decoys that mark our two bubblers. Of course, it is easier to launch a boat from a dock than to push it off from land each time one wants to use it, so we had a small dock installed. You'd think we had a lake instead of a little pond!