The best perspective from our house is towards the back yard, where the pond and the river can be seen.  Even though there is a lot of glass in our house oriented in this direction, the interior seating nearly all faces in the opposite direction.  So that people can gather in social situations and enjoy the view, we decided put an addition on the house that serves as a great enclosure from which to take-in the scenery.  This new space will not have a television or piano, so on those occasions when large numbers of people gather at our place, groups that want to talk can be separated from those who want to be entertained.  Finally, by taking this step we have single-handedly managed to stimulate the national economy and put our children’s inheritance into circulation.
1. Digging the crawl space.
2. Preparing the footings.
3. Pouring the crawl space floor.
4. Smoothing the cement.
5. Setting the foundation blocks.
6. Starting framing.
7. Constructing the floor.
8. First wall is up.
9. Second wall is going up.
10. Measuring for the roof placement.
11. Construction of front wall and first roof tress.
12. Roof tresses -- view from upstairs.
13. Enclosed & ready for windows and shingles.
14. Installing the windows. Shingles have been installed.
15. Interior view, after insulation has been installed and fireplace stubbed in.
17. Texturizing the ceiling. Dot's lens was fogged over, having just come inside from photographing in 11ºF cold.
16. Covering the inside with drywall.
18. The color we chose is called "Sweet Orange."
19. Here, the beams are being built. Hanging down is the wire for the ceiling fan and lights.
This is about as far as the construction will go before Christmas. The trim carpenter may finish with the beams, but we have to wait until Jan 7the before the trim on the curved windows can be put in -- that is the scheduled date for delivery of that product. The interior door is supposed to arrive on Jan. 10. When the wood around the fireplace is built and the trim is finished and stained/painted, then the wood floor will be installed. At that point, the interior will be finished.

If the weather doesn't get too bad, it is possible that the outside of the structure will be sided. But it looks like it will be Spring before the rest of the house can be sided and shingled. So stay tuned -- our next year's Holiday Greetings will show the completed projects.