Finally, here are a few photos of some of the flora that helps make our property so special to us.
Unfortunately, we did have to take out two trees in order to proceed with the construction of the greenhouse and the addition. So enjoy the photos of the pink flowering Crab Apple and the Mountain Ash berries as a tribute to their beauty and their passing.
From Spring
To Summer
Through Fall
No snow pictures this year.
This was a busy year for us, as much was going on around here that was out of the ordinary.  The ordinary (just to remind you of some typical mundane activities) included such things as taking thirty wheelbarrow loads of vegetative gunk out of the pond, adding to our koi collection, relocating a yard light, along with filling in and seeding some low spots in the lawn down by the river.

The out-of-the-ordinary activities you have already encountered in the preceding frames, and these major changes will continue into 2011.

However, you will have to wait until next year to see and read about them.

Meanwhile, we are grateful that our circumstances remain fairly stable here and that we enjoy the friendship of people like you.