Welcome to Our 2011 Greetings
The photos above show the interior of the completed addition. It's warm and cozy even when the outdoors is not!

This photo shows the finishing touches to the tiles that were added to the fireplace.

Last year, we began the adventure of building a greenhouse and a new addition to our home, Most of this year was devoted to the completion of both projects as well as dressing up our house by giving it a new roof and new siding. By Fall, these objectives were pretty well finished. Next year, we hope to re-do our drive and sidewalks, plus finish some landscaping around the greenhouse and fix the ruts made in the lawn by all the heavy equipment that was used to do the work.

The images on this page show the process and progress on our house.

Before new shingles could be placed, two layers of old shingles had to be removed, water damage repaired, and new overhangs constructed.
Lee's pride and joy is his new cupola. He even drove to where they were made (Cape Cod) in order to choose the one he wanted and make sure it was well built, and exactly what he wanted.
Before the roofers took away their machine that lifted the heavy bundles of shingles onto the roof, they had us lifted up into the air so we could see their job from above. Lee took being airborne nicely, but Dot didn't like being so far from Mother Earth!
Once the work was completed on the house, we could finally address the landscaping around the new addition.
In addition to the work outside, we had some interior improvements made:

> A new vanity was installed in our half-bath. The old one was ruined by a leak in the pipes underneath.

> Our old TV picture tube died, so now we now have joined the modern age of flat-screen.

> Insulation was added to the attic, to the tune of one more foot.

Once the roof was finished, the siding job began. The first job was to take off the old, and again, repair water and insect damage.
Finishing touches...shutters, lights, dental work, gutters.
On the left, Greg (one of the siders), created a little house to cover our gas meter, complete with shutters, shingles, and a little curtain.

On the right, Gary is installing our new security door.

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