We traveled to the UP in June for neice Gretchen's graduation, taking a side trip to the Keweenaw for some Lee research. Gretchen and her brother Dawson are members of a fantastic band that entertained us while we were there.

This forlorn-looking building (left) is the Eagle River Inn, where we stayed one night. We were concerned it would be cold, but ended-up having our window open all night. The breezes from Lake Superior and the view were wonderful!

We had two equally beautiful family weddings this year. Our neice Dawn married John in Chattanooga, TN in April (left), and nephew Scott
(below) married Laura in Traverse City, MI in June (right).

It is always great fun when Dot's sister Jan and neice Di come to make strudel. It is amazing how quickly they get consumed. (Photo thanks to Jerry, Jan's husband)

Thanksgiving here with the McKenzies has been a tradition since we moved here in 1999. Lots of memorable moments, but this one, with the gift from Lee to grand-nephew Alex (center, with brother Andre and cousin Vachon): a pair of extra-extra-extra large briefs, will always bring a round of laughter.

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