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This year saw us at many family gatherings, including two at Pentwater and one here at home in Wacousta.

Lee's sister, Janet, has a cabin in Pentwater, which serves as a home away from home for her family, and also for Lee's brother's family.

The top two photos show a birthday celebration for Larry's Daughter (Julie)'s children, Zander and Lydia

The second set shows' Janet's daughter Jodi's children, Rosie and Blaise about to enjoy their birthday cake. The photo on the far right shows Rosie, Jodi, Lee's Mom Kathleen, Janet and Blaise.

Since we moved here in 1999, we have hosted Thanksgiving Dinner for the Pat McKenzie (Dot's sister) family, friends and whatever other family members who wish to join us. This year, we had 24 people partake of the goodies, which included two turkeys, a ham, 12 pies, and many other treats.

Everyone pitches in with food and clean-up, so the evening is reserved for a rowdy game of Scattergories. Here is the group pondering what you can find in your desk drawer that begins with the letter "T".